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They operate on the highest efficiency and reliability and guarantee a constantly reproducible welding process.
Its advanced regulation philosophy in combination with self intelligence offers the user a maximum of process dialog on an excellent input-output surface.

 Frequency [kHz] 70 kHz/35 kHz/20 kHz 35 kHz/20 kHz

70 kHz/40 kHz/35 kHz/30 kHz/20 kHz

70 kHz / 50 kHz / 40 kHz / 35 kHz / 30 kHz / 20 kHz
 Power [W] 100 - 3000 900 - 3000 100 - 2000 100 - 3000
 Welding mods Time, Energy, Travel, Continuous, Contact cut-off Time, Energy, Travel Time Mode, Energy Mode, Time and Energy Mode, Time or Energy Mode, Continuous Time, Energy, Continuous, Contact cut-off
 Amplitude  constant Adjustable 40 – 100% Adjustable 60 –100% Yes/Adjustable 15/40%–100% Yes
 Communication,  interfaces and  process control RS232, Digital I/O Internal: CAN BUS to ultrasonic welding machines of the Dynamic Series, External: Ethernet, RS232, Digital I/0 Cursor keys, RS485, CanOpen Digital I/O (24VDC), analogue I/O (0 - 10VDC), RS485, CANopen
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