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For the past 25 years the main target of RINCO ULTRASONICS AG is the development and manufacturing of ultrasonic high-performance equipment.

The areas we specialize in are:
  • Ultrasonic assembly of rigid thermoplastic components
  • cutting and sealing of synthetic textiles
  • welding and cutting of film and fleece
  • Use of ultrasonic welding in the thermoplastic industry

    Thermoplastic is found in all possible designs, forms and in variable products.

    The ultrasonic welding technique becomes more and more important in all possible technical ranges where thermoplastics are used in rigid components or in fabrics and films.

    Ultrasonic use is everywhere

    In our every day life there is nearly no object where the technology of ultrasonic welding is not applied.
    Listed below are a few branches where our knowledge of ultrasonic assembling technology is used successfully.

  • Household equipment
  • audio and video industry
  • automotive industry
  • electrical/electronic construction
  • home appliances
  • medical devices
  • toy industry
  • packaging industry
  • etc.
  • Referencies Service